Thieveland began as an underground urban art brand with a handwritten
monogram connecting it with it’s CST/WHAT crew graffiti artist roots.
Thieveland strives to present grounded designs of the north coast aesthetic with an eclectic yet subtle stealth flair for classic fashion. With this strategy most anyone
can represent Thieveland wearables in their daily fashion statement.

Founded in 1991, Thieveland represents the city of Cleveland where the crooked river catches fire. Thieveland honors the stolen land and broken treaties of the past,
as an eco-creative conscious urban lifestyle merchandise brand with thought provoking messages that empower social justice and community upliftment. Thieveland examines gutter fabulousness and criminal-celebrities and the dynamic created in modern times.
A sort of political – “party*” in progress… conscious, critical and fun infused
with hiphop flare and rustbelt flavor.